Michael Hill

Michael Hill is the founder and CEO of Michael Hill Corporation, specialists in business funding and finance. Michael has owned several businesses in retail packaging, renewable energy and management consulting.

Michael’s expertise is in providing financing and funding for a variety of business. He has developed a significant set of skills that have enabled him to identify, analyse and transform businesses from struggling entities into highly profitable and effective organisations. 

As the former head of credit for a Sub-Saharan bank, Michael successfully built the end to end retail and SME credit business, growing it to over 700 million dollars within 5 years. Michael has also successfully transformed a renewable energy company, by increasing its turnover by R 4.5 million within 3 months. Michael has also developed a highly successful training academy that catered to over 5000 candidates within 2 years of formation, providing over 25 different courses to lenders globally.

Michael’s vast experience in credit risk management, consulting and business development has equipped him to quickly and effectively transform organisations into effective and efficient companies. Michael has engaged with several major banks, financial services and retailers in the Czech Republic, Middle East, United Kingdom, Australia and Africa. 

Michael is experienced in all aspects of African retail, SME, micro lending as well as remedial management, debt restructuring, portfolio management and staff training and development. Further experience in business rescue, business transformation and turn around management was also developed over the years. He has delivered training courses, seminars and workshops globally. Michael has published numerous articles in an international risk management magazine and has authored a chapter in an international risk and collections management handbook. 

Michael holds an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) with The Business School of Netherlands: South Africa and holds several diplomas in general management and project management from similar institutions.